ZP Author and Artist News for Sept 2014

September 2014


Elizabeth Burton, our intrepid editor, has a new FaceBook page called “The Ornery Editor” – eventually she hopes to have a blog tied to it as well. Go see what makes her Ornery!

Gloria Oliver lent her daughter a hand and a new Chibi Chains website has been born. With a totally new personality, the website shines! Go take a look.



Gloria Oliver and Rie Sheridan Rose will be a guests and have a table at Fencon Aug 26-28 in Addison, TX.

Roberta Rogow will be appearing at the Jamesburg Street Fair Sept 27th in Jamesburg, NJ.

Book Trailers

A new feature! We’ll try to post a different book trailer to the front page each month along with the news and monthly appearances.

This month is a book trailer for Rie Sheridan Rose’s The Marvelous Mechanical Man.

Cover Reveal – The Reluctant Commander

Welcome to Zumaya Tales’ first Cover Reveal!

This cover is for The Reluctant Commander by Richard Patton – a novel under the Yesterday’s Imprint.


Covert Art is by Francois Thisdale – Cover Design by Tamian Wood


Twenty-two-year-old George Washington was pleased by his promotion to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and quite content to be the second-in-command of Governor Robert Dinwiddie’s expedition to remove the French from the Ohio Valley.

Then Joshua Fry, the mission’s elderly commanding officer, is killed in a fall from his horse. Washington, whose experience in battle is all but nonexistent, is suddenly in command of the Virginia Regiment at a remote field in the Allegheny Mountains called Great Meadows—and the enemy is coming.


ARC is available for reviewers. Tradepaperback, Kindle, Nook, and more will be available soon.

Hello Readers!

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved – Zumaya Tales!

With the hacking woes of late 2013 and early 2014, we lost access to our old wordpress blog. So now that we have a new host, we’ve gone wild and are now hosting our blog direct.

We’ll be doing book cover previews, contests, new releases, and anything else we can come up with – so make sure to subscribe!



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