Willing Sacrifice – 2023 Book Trailer

With the cover and interior refresh, Willing Sacrifice by Gloria Oliver, now also has a new Book Trailer!

Check it out!

Willing Sacrifice Book Trailer 2023


Willing Sacrifice Book Trailer 2023

You can find the updated ebook at the ZP Store, as well as your favorite retailer! The updated paperback will be out soon.


Cover Reveal and Book Trailer – Alien Redemption

Alien Redemption by Gloria Oliver

Artist Charles Bernard has completed the cover for the novel “Alien Redemption” by Gloria Oliver.

Nook and Kindle copies are now available, with the trade paperback and more ebook options coming soon!

See the Alien Redemption Book Trailer!

Look for the New Release notification soon!



Book Trailer – Megge of Bury Down

Book trailer for the first book in the ZP Otherworld’s series –

Megge of Bury Down


ZP Author and Artist News for August 2015



Look at this gorgeous new cover work by Brad Fraunfelter for one of his many clients! Nice!


Since we’re based in Austin, ZP decided to go BIG at this year’s ArmadilloCon! We brought three BIG prizes to raffle away, as well as a ton of other little ones. Here’s a look at the lovely items!

Lighted Bonsai Tree – to tie with the release of the fantasy novel Jewel of the Gods

A pair of Steampunk Book Ends – to tie in to the soon to be released sequel to The Marvelous Mechanical Man by Rie Sheridan Rose.

And… because who in their right mind wouldn’t want it – the Folio Society’s 50th Anniversary Edition of Dune!

We hope to do as much, if not more, next year! So make your plans to come and win!




Aug 1-2, 2015 – Author Roberta Rogow will be at the Pi-Con, a Science Fiction Convention set near Hartford, CT.

Aug 7-9, 2015 – will also see Roberta Rogow at Deadly Ink, a mystery convention, Brunswick, NJ.

And because she’s not busy enough, Roberta Rogow will also be busy the weekend of Aug 19-23, 2015 at Sasquan, this years World Science Fiction Convention, being held in Spokane, WA.


Book Trailers


This month is a book trailer is for Dorien Grey from the Boundless Imprint called – Calico


New Release – Thresholds Imprint – Honestly, Ali!

Honestly, Ali! 

by Christine Marciniak


Honestly Ali Book Cover


Ali Caldwell thought her troubles were over, but she has a new one. She’s let her grades fall and now she’s on academic probation. She has to get her grades up or leave school.

Everyone is talking about an intriguing study system, but Ali realizes it’s nothing more than cheating, so she doesn’t use it. She studies for hours to get a perfect grade on her next test.

Instead of applauding, her teacher accuses her of cheating. To make things worse, the administration is certain that her boyfriend is the mastermind behind it all.

She needs to prove that not only didn’t she cheat, but Liam is innocent as well, before they both get kicked out of school.

Purchase the trade paperback from Amazon as well as in ebook for Kindle and NOOK.

ISBN:    9781612712499