Wholesale Orders


Zumaya Publications was an early pioneer in the use of on-demand printing. We chose it because the traditional method of printing hundreds and thousands of copies of a book, gambling they would all sell, seemed wasteful. Even more so, in our estimation, was the process of shipping books to sellers then taking back what didn’t sell—returns.

So, we don’t do those. Instead, we suggest booksellers purchase just a few copies—or even one copy—of titles they think will appeal to their customers, and we offer a deeper discount than usual. We’re also happy to provide ebook review copies if our bookseller customers want more than a simple catalog entry can provide. Just email us at sales@zumayapublications.com.

Our terms are simple:

* 50% discount on cover price
* Net due in 60 days
* Payment by card or check accepted
* No returns
* Free shipping on orders of 100 copies or more

Most of our titles can also be ordered from Ingram at the standard 40% discount. We send invoices directly via email and also through PayPal, advise when orders have shipped, and provide tracking information. 

For more information, please contact us at the above email address or use the form below. We’re very proud of our authors and the books they’ve committed to our care, and it’s always a pleasure when we can share them with others we know will appreciate them.

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