Arcane ImprintArcane Imprint

The mysteries of the spirit are many, and whether you believe or not is irrelevant. Zumaya Arcane offers those mysteries. You decide.

Boundless Imrpint Boundless Imprint

Books with characters who are gay, lesbian, transgendered or bisexual rather than about them. Where there are no artificial boundaries, anything is possible.

Embraces ImprintEmbraces Imprint

Stories for, by and about men, women and how, who and what they are together and separately. Explore love and life in all its aspects of joy and sorrow.

Enigma ImprintEnigma Imprint

Puzzles wait to be unraveled, danger lurks in shadows and adventure appears when least expected.

Fabled Ink ImprintFabled Ink Imprint

If one picture is worth a 1,000 words, then Zumaya’s Fabled Ink Imprint, which offers quality graphic novels and illustrated adult and YA fiction, is a library all on its own.

Otherworlds ImprintOtherworlds Imprint

Discover worlds where magic rules or science is king. Take a journey with us.

Thresholds ImprintThresholds Imprint

Who knows what wonders lie just beyond an open door to the imagination?

Yesterdays ImprintYesterdays Imprint

Journey into the past, both real and imaginary.

Eclectica ImprintEclectica Imprint

Short stories, literary fiction, and everything you could possibly expect to find where good books live.



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