New Release – Thresholds Imprint – Rutherford, Canine Comic

Rutherford, Canine Comic

by John V. Madormo

Rutherford Canine Comic by John V. Madormo

Comedy is hard…

Some dogs fetch sticks. Others roll over. Some even play dead. Meet Rutherford, a bona-fide stand-up canine comedian—with a cutthroat agent who’s driving him crazy.

Rutherford’s collie friend Marge seems to have the escape plan he needs, but can he just quit working for Ace and leave another old friend in terrible danger?

The Adventures of Rutherford – Book 1

ISBN: 978-1612713540 (eBook), 978-1612713533 (Trade Paperback)

Page Count – 220

Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook), Mobi (Kindle), PDF

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New Release – Enigma Imprint – Double Knit

Double Knit

by Arlene Sachitano

Double Knit by Arlene Sachitano

Knitting can be deadly!

What do knitters Permelia O’Brien and Betty Fitzandreu have in common besides a love of knitting? Both have been betrayed by their husbands. Permelia moved to town when her husband left her for a much younger woman. Her new apartment is over the town morgue and when she finds Betty’s husband’s hat in the parking lot after Ed Anderson’s body is brought in it quickly becomes clear that Betty’s husband wasn’t just cheating with another woman. He had a whole other family.

Still, that doesn’t explain why someone murdered him, and as Permelia and her new friends dig deeper into the mystery, it becomes clear the killer isn’t finished yet.

A Permelia O’Brien Mystery – Book 1

ISBN: 978-1612714240 (eBook), 978-1612714233 (Trade Paperback)

Page Count – 258

Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook), Mobi (Kindle), PDF

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New Release – Otherworlds Imprint – Alien Redemption

Alien Redemption

by Gloria Oliver

Alien Redemption by Gloria Oliver

Friends can be found in odd places.

All Claudia wants to do is escape the mistakes of the past and start over. But when she answers an ad for a medical officer on a merchant ship in the Fringes, the captain recognizes her and blackmails her into taking the job.

She soon realizes that not only can Captain Bennet not pass up a bargain, but neither will he allow morals to hold him back from climbing the power ladder at the borders of the Dominion. Can Claudia stop the impending exploitation of a newly discovered sentient species all on her own?

ISBN: 978-1612714158 (eBook), 978-1612714141 (Trade Paperback)

Page Count – 260

Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook), Mobi (Kindle), PDF

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    New Release – Otherworlds Imprint – Lorr and Disorder

    Lorr and Disorder

    by Rogerta Rogow

    Lorr and Disorder by Roberta Rogow

    Nothing is what it seems in the City of Lorr…

    Just ask Pola Drach, Independent Eye. In a city founded by refugees from a dying earth long ago, she pursues dark secrets and exposes the shadowy underbelly of society. Who killed the ambitious model? And was that who she really was? Who’s forcing shopkeepers to buy worthless stock, and circulating funny money? Why is the youngest scion of one of the city’s richest families suddenly a target?

    Most important for Pola—Who wants her dead?

    ISBN: 978 1612714097 (eBook),  978-1612714080 (Trade Paperback)

    Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook), Mobi (Kindle), PDF

    Page Count – 236

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    New Release – Enigma Imprint – The 12 Quilts of Christmas

    The 12 Quilts of Christmas

    by Arlene Sachitano

    The 12 Quilts of Christmas

    In the air there’s a feeling of…murder?

    Harriet Truman is looking forward to creating happy Christmas memories with her husband James and their new foster son Luke. She and the rest of the Loose Threads are also delighted to see their special quilts displayed throughout the downtown in festive store windows.

    But a shocking murder disrupts the joy of the season, and when another body turns up, and then Harriet and Luke only just manage to escape a black-clad attacker, it’s clear all isn’t holly-jolly in Foggy Point.

    And then there’s Harriet’s new horse…

    A Harriet Turman/Loose Threads Mystery – Book 12

    **COMING SOON to the ZP eBookstore**

    ISBN: 978-1612714066 (eBook), 978-1612714059 (Trade Paperback)

    Size: 6 X 9

    Page Count – 252

    Available now at the following retailers:


    Also available from the following retailers:

    Trade paperback

    The 12 Quilts of Christmas-Amazon
    The 12 Quilts of Christmas - Barnes and Noble



    The 12 Quilts of Christmas - Kindle
    The 12 Quilts of Christmas - Nook

    New Updated Release – The Inheritance

    The Inheritance

    by Christopher Stires

    The Inheritance by Christoper Stires

    What if you could have your every wish, whim, and desire?

    What would you want? And what would others want from you?

    Jess Claiborne is about to find out.

    After eight years in a Mexican prison, Jess is attempting to readjust to normal life. Then he inherits a mysterious box from his murdered uncle—a box that will grant his every wish.

    He soon realizes that ownership of the box comes with a terrible price tag—possibly the life of the woman he loves, and his own.

    **Winner 2003 Dream Realm Award for Horror**

    ISBN – 978-1936144860 (eBook), 978-1936144853 (Trade Paperback)

    Page Count – 223

    Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook), Mobi (Kindle), PDF

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    The Inheritance – Sample Chapters


    New Release – Arcane Imprint – Moordragon’s Illustrated Grimoire

    Moordragon’s Illustrated Grimoire

    by Bob Hobbs

    Moordragon's Illustreated Grimoire

    In 1645, witch-hunters raided and burned the village of Mithewinter to the ground. The inhabitants, all branded as witches and warlocks, were hanged.

    Moordragon, one of the village elders, buried his magical Grimoire beneath his home where it was unearthed a century later.

    Over the next 263 years, the Grimoire changed hands numerous times until it became the property of an occult book collector who published its mysterious contents.

    Contents that hold a dark secret that will be revealed in an upcoming graphic novel…if you can find the clues.

    Arcane Imprint

    Currently available at:

    Amazon Kindle

    Barnes & Noble  
    Also available in a gorgeous hardcover format! 

    New Release – Otherworlds Imprint – Madness in Manatas

    Madness in Manatas

    by Roberta Rogow

    Madness in Manatas by Roberta Rogow

    This holiday is no vacation

    Ned Cooper had made plenty of enemies with his loud vocal attacks on every religion that wasn’t his, but it didn’t seem to Halvar that was enough to justify a knife in the back. Nevertheless, there he is—dead as one of his own barrels. Then Guardsman Zoltan meets a similar fate, and one with even more suspects given his protection racket on the docks and his constant harassment of the women in the souk.

    Are these murders personal, or might they be connected to the muskets the captain of the Belle Fleur was smuggling into Manatas? Was Master Albrecht making gunpowder for those guns? Will Halvar still have a job after his contract expires on New Year’s Day?

    The intrepid Dane is once again knee-deep in corpses and on the wrong end of pointed weapons. Can he solve all the mysteries before his term of office ends? And what will he do, stuck in Nova Mundum, if someone doesn’t renew his contract?”

    The Saga of Halvar the Hireling – Book 6

    ISBN: 978-1-612713878 (eBook), 978-1612713861 (Trade Paperback)

    Page Count – 240

    Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook), Mobi (Kindle), PDF

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    Click to access MadnessInManatasSample.pdf


    Also available from the following retailers:

    Trade paperback


    New Release – Thresholds Imprint – The Crown of Zeus

    The Crown of Zeus

    by Christine Norris

    The Crown of Zeus


    Not the best way to win friends…

    The sleepover is intended to cement Megan’s new friendship with Rachel, Claire, and Harriet. They would do the usual stuff—talking till the wee hours, painting each other’s nails, gossiping. The Parthenon, the huge manor she and her father live in, is even supposed to be haunted so…seance!

    But Megan stumbles on a loose hearthstone, revealing an old diary and a mysterious key. Before the night is out, the girls are on a dangerous journey into the myths of ancient Greece, and Megan’s job is to make sure everyone gets back alive despite gorgons, sea monsters, and sphinxes.

    No pressure.

    The LIbrary of Athena – Book 1

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    Trade paperback


    New Release – Otherworlds Imprint – The Library Beneath the Streets

    The Library Beneath the Streets

    A short story collection by Daniel Hale

    The Library Beneath the Streets Anthology

    There are stories that matter.

    There are stories that shape the world. There are writers who long to tell them. And there is a place where some, disillusioned and bereft, go to write them.

    But the Library Beneath the Streets will not allow just anyone to enter its doors, and those who do so unauthorized or with plagiarism in mind may find more than they expect.

    Come in, Reader, and wander the stacks, where many tales of imagination await you. Just be sure your Library card is up to date; you really won’t like the penalties.

    ISBN: 978-1612713694 (eBook), 978-1612713687 (Trade Paperback)

    Page Count – 224

    Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook), Mobi (Kindle), PDF


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