Gloria Oliver

Gloria Oliver

lives in Texas, making sure to stay away from rolling tumbleweeds while bowing to the never-ending wishes of her feline and canine masters. She works full time shoveling numbers around and squeezing in some writing time when she can. Gloria also writes movie reviews, which she posts to her blog as time permits.

She is the author of In the Service of Samurai, Vassal of El, Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles, Willing Sacrifice, Inner Demons, The Price of Mercy, and Jewel of the Gods — all fantasy and young adult fantasy novels, several with romantic elements. Her short stories of speculative fiction can be found in all manner of anthologies, covering things from the fantastic to a Bubba Apocalypse.

Gloria is a member in good standing of BroadUniverse although she has yet to make the list for Cat Slaves R Us. In her spare time (what’s that?), she watches shows, movies, and anime, plays PC games, as well as reads, and collects BGMs.

For more info – visit her website.

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