New Release – Yesterdays Imprint – The End of the Tether

The End of the Tether

by Harold R. Thompson

The End of the Tether

The cost of freedom…

A Novel of the Battle of Yorktown

It is the spring of 1781. Encamped outside New York, General George Washington gambles on a daring plan to shift his army south to strike at the British forces of Lord Charles Cornwallis, entrenched at the tiny Virginian tobacco port of York Town.

Charles Cornwallis is frustrated by the conflicting orders of his superiors. Daniel Brattle, an officer of Lafayette’s Division, has begun to doubt that ultimate victory will come. Catherine Seawell, a Loyalist refugee from New England, searches for a home in a country she no longer recognizes. Sergeant Tom Martin, a British light infantryman, is resolved to simply do his duty without compromise.

The battle for independence hangs in the balance, and no one will leave York Town unchallenged or unchanged.

From the Battle of Green Spring to the storming of Redoubt Number Ten to the dramatic conclusion of the siege of Yorktown, The End of the Tether brings to life a pivotal moment in American history.

ISBN: 9781612712888

Size: 6 X 9

Page Count – 300

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New Release – Yesterdays Imprint – Sword of the Mogul

Sword of the Mogul

by Harold R. Thompson


Sword of the Mogul



Duty has a price

Empire and Honor 3

Reconciled with his uncle, William Dudley arrives in India just as the Great Sepoy Mutiny plunges the country into bloody chaos. Resolved to do what he thinks right as the rebellion escalates, Dudley and his company are detached on a special mission that culminates in surrender and betrayal.

After orchestrating a daring escape, Dudley struggles to redeem his failure and find purpose in a world of seeming unending battle and unspeakable cruelty, from the doomed defense of Cawnpore to the desperate Relief of Lucknow.

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ISBN:    9781612712765

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Cover Reveal – The Reluctant Commander

Welcome to Zumaya Tales’ first Cover Reveal!

This cover is for The Reluctant Commander by Richard Patton – a novel under the Yesterday’s Imprint.


Covert Art is by Francois Thisdale – Cover Design by Tamian Wood


Twenty-two-year-old George Washington was pleased by his promotion to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and quite content to be the second-in-command of Governor Robert Dinwiddie’s expedition to remove the French from the Ohio Valley.

Then Joshua Fry, the mission’s elderly commanding officer, is killed in a fall from his horse. Washington, whose experience in battle is all but nonexistent, is suddenly in command of the Virginia Regiment at a remote field in the Allegheny Mountains called Great Meadows—and the enemy is coming.


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