New Release – Otherworlds Imprint – Eyes of Lorr

Eyes of Lorr

by Roberta Rogow

Eyes of Lorr by Roberta Rogow

There are too many eyes on the prize.

It was a simple job—find the naive outlander’s lost journal, lost during a liaison with a local “joyboy”. It sounded liked her client was even more worried about the way he lost his book than he was about the book.

But then the joyboy winds up dead, followed shortly thereafter by her client; and it’s clear she’s not the only one who wants that missing book. Worse, whoever it is, is prepared to kill her to make sure she doesn’t find it.

Pola’s a loner, but this time it’s clear she needs help—if only to make sure no one’s sneaking up behind her with murderous intent.

A Pola Drach Mystery – Bool 2

ISBN: 978-1612713915 (Trade Paperback), 978-161271392 (Kindle), 978-1612713939 (ePub)

Page Count – 270

Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook), Mobi (Kindle), PDF

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New Release – Enigma Imprint – An Incidental Death in Monterey

An Incidental Death in Monterey

by John J. O’Hagan

An Incidental Death in Monterey
Death is a given; justice not always so.

Father Juan Ibarra came to Monterey to minister to the native Californians suffering under the heavy hand of the Spanish Empire. Instead, he’s caught up in a web of murder and corruption at the highest level.

A young woman drowns—a seemingly tragic accident until Father Juan’s autopsy reveals Jacinta was not only murdered but pregnant. As he and the commander of the Monterey Presidio dig deeply into her history, they begin to unearth a complex web of corruption that points to the governor himself as their prime suspect.

But the forces who intend for Jacinta’s killer to remain anonymous are prepared to go to any lengths to ensure the truth remains hidden.

The Mission Murders – Book 2

ISBN: 9781612713038

Size: 5 X 8

Page Count – 238

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New Release – Thresholds Imprint – Goddesses Can Wait!

Goddesses Can Wait

by Kim Baccelia

Bonjour, Paris!

“Yeah, baby, she’s got it.”

Jordan’s body, that is, and “she” is Aphrodite. Bored with life in wherever it is Greek goddesses hang out, she’s decided she prefers Paris. And Jordan is stuck in Hades with Aphrodite’s usual main squeeze Ares.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, time is running out; and if she can’t get Aphrodite back to the Eiffel Tower by midnight, she’ll be trapped in Greek mythology forever.

ISBN: 9781612712970

Size: 6 X 9

Page Count – 226

Myths and Mayhem – Book 2

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New Release – Zumaya Yesterdays – The Reluctant Commander

The Reluctant Commander

by Richard Patton

The Reluctant Commander


Some have responsibility thrust upon them.

The Neophyte Warrior Book 2

Twenty-two-year-old George Washington was pleased by his promotion to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and quite content to be the second-in-command of Governor Robert Dinwiddie’s expedition to remove the French from the Ohio Valley.

Then Joshua Fry, the mission’s elderly commanding officer, is killed in a fall from his horse. Washington, whose experience in battle is all but nonexistent, is suddenly in command of the Virginia Regiment at a remote field in the Allegheny Mountains called Great Meadows—and the enemy is coming.

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ISBN:    9781612710891



New Release – Zumaya Otherworlds – Mayhem in Manatas

Mayhem in Manatas

by Roberta Rogow


Mayhem in Manatas



A hireling’s work is never done

If people would only stop trying to kill him, Halvar the Dane might finally manage to do what he was sent to the island of Manatas to do—get the fugitive Leon di Vicenza on a boat back to Al-Andalus.

And he didn’t intend to kill two people before breakfast in the process.

However, once again murder and intrigue immerse the calif’s Hireling in more trouble than he ever wanted; and before he learns who murdered the pawnbroker, the mystery will take enough twists and turns to make a good man dizzy.

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ISBN:    9781612712550