ZP Author and Artist News for Sept 2014

September 2014


Elizabeth Burton, our intrepid editor, has a new FaceBook page called “The Ornery Editor” – eventually she hopes to have a blog tied to it as well. Go see what makes her Ornery!

Gloria Oliver lent her daughter a hand and a new Chibi Chains website has been born. With a totally new personality, the website shines! Go take a look.



Gloria Oliver and Rie Sheridan Rose will be a guests and have a table at Fencon Aug 26-28 in Addison, TX.

Roberta Rogow will be appearing at the Jamesburg Street Fair Sept 27th in Jamesburg, NJ.

Book Trailers

A new feature! We’ll try to post a different book trailer to the front page each month along with the news and monthly appearances.

This month is a book trailer for Rie Sheridan Rose’s The Marvelous Mechanical Man.