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ZUMAYAPUBLICATIONS LLC is an innovative new publishing company that strives to bring the best of fiction to the public. Zumaya officially launched in 2001 with the release of its first titles in print and PDF format. This year will bring a greatly expanded listing to suit all tastes.

With new publishers appearing and failing almost daily, Zumaya Publishing stands apart by limiting its list to only the highest quality titles. One of the advantages of the new digital publishing industry is that we are able to offer titles from talented authors previously overlooked by traditional markets or who write in genres transcending standardized categories of fantasy, science fiction, romance, mystery and others. Zumaya's philosophy is simple. If it's a great, well-written story, we'll publish it.

Our books are not only available through several channels in the US, but also in Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


In the month of November we had some issues with the website and the eBook store. We wish to apologize to everyone for any inconvenience.

While there are a few minor things still needing resolution, the main site is good to go!

New Release from Zumaya Boundless The Serpent's Tongue by Dorien Grey.

Current Release from Zumaya Boundless Ebenezer by JoSelle Vanderhooft.

Current Release from Zumaya Other The Marriage of Mushrooms and Garlic by Chester Aaron and Malcolm Clark.

Because Zumaya Publications is a participant in the MatchBook Discount Program at Amazon. We've come up with a way to expand this to give you an upgrade when you purchase books from us or our authors at events!

So look for out authors out and about the country and make sure to ask for your ebooks premium coupon whenever you purchase one of their books. This will entitle you to receive the ebook for that trade paperback for FREE as our gift to you for your awesome support.

Meet our Authors and Artists! Check here often for their Appearance Schedules and other news.

March 2014


Fab artist Charles Bernard has started an Online Art School called the Online Art Academy. Art instruction is accomplished through videos online. DVDs of the courses are also available. He even has a vidbrochure.

The focus of the lessons will be on teaching the Fundamentals and Principles of Design. Free sample videos can be watched at the Online Art Academy You Tube Channel.

Just for fun, here's one of the free videos - this one is on Establishing the Underlying Rhythm In a Picture.


Gloria Oliver will be attending All-Con in Addison,TX on March 13-16, 2014.

Roberta Rogow will be at Lunacon in Rye Brook,NY on Mar 14-16. It is New York's longest running science fiction and fantasy convention!



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