The Price of Mercy

Gloria Oliver The Price of Mercy <b>Which is worse--the monster within...or the one without?</b> 0 stars, based on 0 reviews 0 5

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The Price of Mercy

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The Price of Mercy
The Price of Mercy

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The Price of Mercy

Which is worse--the monster within...or the one without?

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Which is worse–the monster within…or the one without?

Jarrin Lestrave thought things were bad when he was forced to become a gigolo to a lusty baroness. When she drops him for a new lover, he sneaks into an imperial ball hoping to find a new patroness. Yet when the moment comes, he leaves his mystery lady with nothing more than a kiss.

Before the next day has barely begun, Jarrin is condemned for treason, his attempted escape thwarted by the mysterious Twelve. Then he learns his sentence: immortal life as a monster in the service of the emperor for despoiling the woman he left untouched in the garden: Her Imperial Highness Princess Yolandra.

ISBN: 978-1934841990 (eBook), 978-1934841983 (Trade Paperback)

Page Count – 292

Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook), Mobi (kindle), PDF

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