The Genetic Menace

Robert E. Vardeman The Genetic Menace <b>Only insanity holds the Death Fleet at bay...</b> 0 stars, based on 0 reviews 0 5

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The Genetic Menace

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The Genetic Menace
The Genetic Menace

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The Genetic Menace

Only insanity holds the Death Fleet at bay...

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Only insanity holds the Death Fleet at bay…

The Empire is crumbling internally, civil war rampant and the central authority unconcerned as the Empire is being destroyed one planet at a time by the invading Alien Death Fleet. Pier Norlin finds himself caught between these two forces. How can the commander of a single warship of the Empire preserve all that he honor-bound to defend?

Using a captured alien weapon, Norlin and the crew of the Preceptor set out to fight the inexorable tide of entropy destroying the Empire. Success is within their grasp until they encounter…the Genetic Menace.

Star Frontiers – Book 2

ISBN: 978-1934841372 (eBook), 978-1934841365 (Trade Paperback)

Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook), Mobi (Kindle), PDF

Page Count – 236

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