New Release – Cornwall Project Imprint – Remembered Glory

You heard right!

Our first Cornwall Project Imprint offering is up for grabs!

What is the Cornwall Project Imprint? It is Zumaya Publications’ shared world project! Where ZP authors get to play in the imaginary Pennsylvania County of Cornwall. There are no limits. Stories will cross genres, times, yet all have the county in common. Come see what we have made for you in our sandbox…

Remembered Glory

by Elizabeth K. Burton
Remembered Glory


Glory was resigned to living the rest of her life alone. After all, what other prospects were there for an over-50 woman in a town so small you could see from one end to the other? If she hadn’t found anyone to love by now, how likely was it?

But life, as John Lennon reminded us, is what happens while we’re making other plans.

ISBN: 978-1612713892 (eBook)

Page Count – 33

Ebook Bundle contains the Following Formats: ePub (Nook) and Mobi (Kindle)

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