ZP Small Business Saturday 11/26/16

Small Business Saturday - Zumaya Publications

11/26 is Small Business Saturday!

A day to promote and celebrate all small businesses and their contributions to their local areas.

You can find the history of Small Business Saturday at the SBA website here.

Zumaya Publications is a proud small business with our main base in Austin, TX.

Usually, we just Support Irresponsible Reading. But for this one day, we’ll be Supporting Irresponsible Shopping! 😛

Whether you buy from us or another small business on his day – we totally appreciate the support!

Thank you for supporting small business innovation and hard work.


Author: Zumaya Publishing

Zumaya Publications LLC is an innovative publishing company that strives to bring the best of fiction to the public in both trade paperback and multiple ebook formats. Plus we support Irresponsible Reading!