Fair Trade Day Celebration and Sale!

ZP - Support SmallFair Trade Day is this Wednesday, May 13th!

To help support and spread awareness of this special day, ZP will hold a 20% off sale from May 13th to the 20th!

But what is Fair Trade Day? It’s a day to make others aware and pay respects to those working to gain better and fairer working situations and pay for laborers across the world.

Want to know more and learns ways to help? Visit Fair Trade Day at National Today.

But don’t forget to come back on Wednesday the 13th to find some fabulous reads at 20% off!






Small PRESS Saturday



You’ve heard of Small Business Saturday, right? Well, if you love to read, tomorrow, 12/17, has been designated Small PRESS Saturday. Swing by our website, explore what our talented authors have to offer, and grab a few ebook bargains.


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