ZP Author and Artist News for Dec 2014

December 2014


ZP is still working to update our ebook store so we can get download links for your purchases and some other fancy capabilities. Ran into a couple of issues, but they’re being worked out. This will happen! Soon!

Avalon Graphics aka Cathy Helms won the 2014 Rone Cover Award under the Mystery/Suspense catergory! Congrats!

See more of her cover work here.

Here is a poster artist Brad Fraunfelter made for a client. It includes the five main characters of the ongoing series. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Poster by Brad Fraunfelter

Each character was painted separately and then placed into the overall composite. The main character at center was created through the use of photography of a model in costume, and then was repainted in the computer. Also the Medusa character was created in a similar way. This was a model that was photographed in a studio setting, and was then manipulated and repainted over digitally to add the snake skin, snakes on the hair, jewelry, etc.



Looks like all our authors are busy with their families this coming holiday season, so no appearance updates for Decemeber. But they do wish you and yours a wonderful set of holidays!

Book Trailers


A new feature! We’ll try to post a different book trailer to the front page each month along with the news and monthly appearances.

This month is a book trailer for Gloria Oliver’s Willing Sacrifice.