Bitten by Moonlight

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Bitten by Moonlight

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Bitten by Moonlight
Bitten by Moonlight

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Bitten by Moonlight

Lives can change under the moon's light.

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Lives can change under the moon's light.

Werewolves - These sexy, scary, and often sad creatures of the night are given a startling new twist in these four novellas, which cast these typically male monsters as lesbians.

Silver Moon - A menopausal woman's world turns inside out when she realizes her attractive neighbor, and all the women "of a certain age" in her town, are werewolves.

Inside Out - A terrifying discovery in the woods leads a lonely woman cursed by lycanthropy to confront her self-image.

Sanquali - A werewolf guard pines for her noble mistress in an alternate Rome.

The Dime in the Penny Well - A shy Arizonan store clerk encounters a vegan werewolf and her future.

Humorous, sensual, and often deeply moving, these tales give the werewolf legend new fangs and will leave you howling for more.

ISBN: 978-1936144150 (eBook), 978-1936144143 (Trade Paperback)

Page Count - 208

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