Richard Patton

is a six-fold grandfather with a Ph.D. from Case-Western Reserve University and several lesser degrees from other institutions.

Except for a lifelong desire to be one, contributions to college literary magazines, and a creative writing course at an ancient academy called Carnegie Tech, his credentials as an author of fiction were restricted to the first book in the Neophyte Warrior series: His Majesty’s Envoy.

He has an abiding interest in early American History and the patience to root out some of its lesser-known tidbits.

He has had some success in theater where, among other things, he learned the dynamics of dialogue and an important lesson also mastered by the young George Washington: A good actor must be able to persuade his audience that he knows what he’s doing until such time that he actually does.

Dr. Patton lives in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with his wife, Jo.

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