Kage Alan

grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, and…

Seriously, is that what you really want to know? Wouldn’t you rather read about how I’m actually semi-close personal friends with Eddie Izzard, when I had lunch with Madonna as well as who picked up the check, why Lady Gaga sends me promos of her albums before anybody else has them and how I know whether “Castle” star Nathan Fillion wears boxers or briefs? Well, I’m not going to tell you. Why? Because, frankly, none of it’s true.

So, here’s what is important; I love my parents, celebrated my 15th anniversary with my half-Chinese and wholly domineering partner in February of 2010, have serious issues with his wholly unholy Chinese Grandmonster who continually tries to marry him off to someone other than myself, have an eclectic and phenomenal group of friends who don’t allow any meager success I have go to my head, and I am forever going to say everything you won’t. Mama always said, “If you don’t have something nice to say, let Kage say it.”

Now, not as important, but still pertinent, I graduated and attended Grand Valley State University with a BA in Creative Writing and Film & Video. I’m currently writing my next book when not buying Blu-Rays each Tuesday on New Release Day, traveling overseas and buying Blu-Rays there, eating sushi, fibbing to my partner about what Blu-Rays I may or may not admit to picking up that week, making fun of people who work at Blockbuster, playing Laser Tag and attending Sci–Fi conventions. I also collect rare soundtracks. Am I a deep guy or what?

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