Harold R. Thompson

Harold R. Thompson

was born at the end of the 1960s and grew up in the prog rock era, surrounded by the music of Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Yes. His favorite TV shows as a child were the original Star Trek, freshly syndicated Gilligan’s Island, and Space: 1999.

He studied neuroscience and cognitive psychology, running two independent labs for his honours degree program (a sort of mini-Masters). He had his eye on med school but at some point made a left turn and ended up in law school.

That was a critical decision, because his dislike of law school caused him to quit to become a “serious” writer. Within five months, he had sold a short story and two non-fiction articles, and in October 1994, he wrote the first draft of Dudley’s Fusiliers, the first book in the best-selling Empire and Honor series.

Thompson’s love of history stems from his work with Parks Canada at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site in his home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In his current position, he creates interpretive programming for visitors to the site.

He is also an avid amateur filmmaker and founded his own studio, Rec Room Movies, in 2007. Rec Room Movies has actually produced several real films, short pieces for Parks Canada, but is most proud of its no-budget feature A Tale of Bloody Creek.

Thompson continues to write short science fiction and historical fiction in his spare time. He lives with his family in Nova Scotia.

For more info, visit his website.

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