Christine Marciniak

Christine Marciniak

wrote her first book when she was six. It was an autobiography and it wasn’t very long. Many stories followed, as well as many career dreams. When she was six she thought being a nurse would be fun, until she found out that blood would almost definitely be involved. So she decided instead to be a famous actress.

In high school, she became practical and thought she would study law. But when it came time to think about law school, she realized what she really wanted to do was write fiction. All the time.

Since there are not a lot of job openings for novelists, she became an editor for a travel publication after graduating college. Although this sounds exotic, it really wasn’t. Most of the traveling involved driving up and down the NJ Turnpike.

Now she is living her dream: writing fiction, all the time. Except of course when driving her two children to their various after school activities and, you know, making meals for them and other necessary things.

Christine lives in New Jersey, close to many highways and malls, with her husband and two teens (no pets, we’re allergic.)”

For more info, visit her website.

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