Tax Forms

US Residents

W-9 Form – IRS form required by ZP in orderm to be able to provide authors and artists with a 1099 at the end of the year and do proper reporting of paid income to the IRS.

Instructions on the form and other information can be found at the IRS site.

Non-US Residents

Non-US Residents must follow a two step process.

First, non-US residents must file a W-8BEN form to apply for am individual tax identification number. Instruction for the form can be found here.

Second, is the W-7 form to be filled out after receiving the new tax payer number that was requested for using the W-8BEN. Instruction for this form and process can be found here.

The W-7 form must be sent to ZP once complete.

The completed and signed W-9 form or the W-7 form (depending on whether you are a resident or non-resident) must be sent to production(at) Without these forms, ZP cannot pay royalties for any book sales.

Let us know if you have any problems.