How to Order Book Copies


Per the contract, authors can order their first 20 copies, all at once or in batches, at cost. After the initial 20 books, copies are 52% off the cover price. There is no minimum order, but if you’re planning for an event be sure orders are placed at least two weeks prior to the date you’ll need the books. That’s 14 business days-Monday through Friday. Rush orders are doable, but they are expensive.

To place a book order, send an email to sales(at) or use the form below.

Please include the number of copies desired and your preferred method of payment. Based on the latter, we will either send an invoice back as a PDF attachment or invoice you through PayPal. We can do both as well. It helps if you remind us when you’re ordering if these are your at-cost copies, especially if you don’t order all 20 at one time.


Orders are delivered via UPS, which means no post office boxes. We recommend getting an account with UPS and setting up UPS My Choice. That way, you have more control over the actual delivery at your end. We can also drop-ship orders to a third party.