Google Calendar Instructions for ZP Authors

This page has instructions for using Google Calendar so you can easily set up your edit sessions for your novels.

Watch the video or follow the pictures and instructions on the web page or both! Hopefully between them, we can make this as painless as possible.

For the video, make sure to:



Here’s the same info as in the video above:

1 – You’ll get a ‘share calendar’ email from ZP to the email address you gave in your Author Packet. (Due to weird issues with some mail carriers, we heavily encourage you to create a gmail account. You can set that to redirect to your normal email.)

2 – Below is what your calendar page will look like once you’ve accepted the shared calendars and are logged into google.

3 – Clicking on the date and time will call up an Event/Appointment Box. *Click on the image for a larger size pic*

Don’t forget to SAVE.

When you creat the appointment and save it, it will update the calendar automatically. It will also send a notification to ZP of the changes to the Edit Sessions calendar and that an appointment has been booked.

If the session is placed on a different calendar, it will NOT send ZP a notification.

That’s it! Have fun!