Carol Guy

Carol Guy

has worked as a newspaper reporter and has sold articles, short stories, and photos to various magazines, including Ladies’ Home Journal, OfficePro, Employment Times, The Fiction Primer, and Tacenda Magazine.

Her true crime book, A Picture Perfect Kid, was a 2004 EPPIE Award finalist and Murder at the Ice Cream Parlor, a cozy mystery novel she co-authored, was one of the finalists in the 2003 Treble Heart Books contest.

Carol worked for many years in health care (her “day job”) and wrote in her spare time. Now, she’s retired and writing full time. She edits periodically for various publishers and also has individual clients. The editing helps her keep her perspective.

Above and beyond the writing and editing, she’s the mother of two wonderful children, David and Sarah. She also has two grandchildren, Andrea and Paul. She has a cat named Ted, who thinks he runs things. Of course, he’s right!

For more info – visit her website.

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