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Better than Chocolate

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Better than Chocolate
Better than Chocolate

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Better than Chocolate

There's only one thing Better Than Chocolate.

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Author: Bruce Golden
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There's only one thing Better Than Chocolate.

Noah Dane is a mid-21st Century San Francisco police inspector who, while hunting his partner's killer and investigating a pair of seemingly unrelated murders, stumbles onto a conspiracy that threatens all humanity. Noah is driven by guilt over his partner's death (guilt related to his highly-sexual nature). This guilt begins to eat at him, eventually rendering him impotent. Along the way, he must deal with his runaway daughter, his childhood fear of lightning, and a gang of bikeroos determined to exact revenge.

Much to his dismay, someone in the city's bureaucracy has a warped sense of humor. Noah's new crime-fighting partner is a celebudroid created to look and act like Marilyn Monroe. Comic juxtaposition ensues when her original programming seeps into her police work. Their relationship evolves as the clues begin to mount in their investigation.

Chastity Blume, meanwhile, is a celebrated talk show host known as "America's Favorite Virgin." Her father forced a sheltered childhood on her, and now she's a vocal opponent of what she refers to as society's "rampant sexuality." Her quest to find the mother she's never known uncovers incestuous family secrets, along with a sinister plot that involves her father.

She's uncomfortable with her mounting libidinous feelings, as well as her growing celebrity. She would rather be a "serious" journalist than a pop culture talk show host.

Together, Chastity, Noah, and Marilyn lead a cast of quirky characters through this science fiction mystery towards a climax of comically sexy proportions that's Better Than Chocolate.

ISBN: 978-1934135464 (eBook), 978-1934135464 (Trade Paperback)

Page Count - 304

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