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Andy Stevenson vs. the Lord of the Loins

by Kage Alan

Evil never met sarcasm like this!

College sophomore Andy Stevenson (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Sexual Orientation) is back and so is Murphy’s Law!

Meeting a cute and questionably gifted poet in a Creative Writing class soon becomes the encounter from hell when Andy learns that not all gay men are sensitive, well-adjusted and looking for Mr. Right. Some of them want the booty and will stalk at nothing to get it.

Armed with his two best friends and recently resurfaced sense of sarcasm, Andy prepares to defend his fledgling relationship with the half-Asian and wholly domineering Alan by doing battle with the most fearsome and evil ho to come along since…since…all other fearsome and evil hos before this one: The Lord of the Loins!

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ISBN:    978-1934841006

Print price:   $14.99, at 244 pages

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"Irresistible and most likely true, Mr. Alan has written a relevant romantic comedy for the 21st century.....between two cutie-pie boys. " (Suzanne Westenhoefer, Comedienne Extraordinaire)

"A breezy read with both spice and brains. I only wished that gay teenagers of this generation were this literate and hot." (Quentin Lee, director of Ethan Mao, Drift and 0506HK)

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